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Blue cave tour from Hvar, also known as Blue grotto


Private Blue cave boat tour

If the idea of sharing a boat with a group is not so appealing to you or you simply want to tailor the tour to better fit your needs you always have an option of doing a private tour.

Private tour can be up to hour and a half longer since you can take the boat from 9 am which gives you the opportunity to see more than 4 usual places. Let our professional skippers take you to places where group tours usually do not go. You can check our group Blue and Green cave tour here Blue cave tour from Hvar(Hyperlink).

And here are some of our best suggestions that you do not want to miss out on. Besides Blue and Green cave a must see is Monk seal cave which is truly a hidden jewel of the Vis archipelago. It is located on the southern tip of Biševo island and carries its name after the Mediterranean monk seals who used to habit in there. Currently they are considered to be most endangered mammals on the planet Earth. The cave is quite large, going deep inside the island and at the end you will find a small pebble beach. This place is not a usual stop so therefor it should not be as crowded.

Vis played a very important historical role back in the days when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia. It was an island of great strategical importance, main naval base and also closed for public. It was used as a military base which counted about 20km of underground tunnels, submarine hideouts, caves, mines and storage facilities. Many tunnels through years have been adapted for civil and touristic uses. If you are interested in learning a bit about history or you just like awesome military stuff than Military tunnel could be a perfect spot for you.

For days when you just want to have some peace and quiet Stončica beach is your best option. This sandy beach with sandy bottoms will offer you lots of shade and some of the best food you have ever tried. If you want to continue your quest for tranquility anchor yourself in Budikovac, a clear turquoise lagoon far away from the busy world.

What does the price include?

Skipper, Drinks, Icebox, Goggles/ Masks, Safety gear, Insurance

* For a tailored tour you can choose:
Flyer 747 RIB speed boat,
Tornado 38 Luxury power boat

Price: from 400€ to 1200€