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Blue cave Croatia, also known as Blue grotto


Blue cave boat tour from Hvar

  • 01. Green Cave

    At 10:30 am you will be accommodated in the speedboat and head towards Green cave. Once you reach your first destination you can buy the ticket and start exploring the cave. The cave itself has two big entrances through which you can swim inside. On your way in you will notice lots of green algae accumulated on the ceiling which gives special green color . You will also notice a round hole through which light enlightens the space. There is an old legend that says that if you dive underneath the beam of light and pass through you will live for hundred years.

    10:30 - 11:30

  • 02. Stiniva beach

    After the Green cave you will arrive to Stiniva beach which was also once a cave but long time ago the ceiling collapsed. The easiest way to get to Stiniva is from the sea. Our skipper will moor the boat in front of Stiniva gate which are actually two big rock formations that give this place that special look. You can go inside by swimming or by a small boat because the gate marks swimmers only area. You surely would not like to miss the opportunity to take a dip in Europes best beach ( 2016. ) and home destination of Mamma mia 2 movie. For those in need of adrenaline cliff diving could be an interesting activity which will definitely fulfill their desires for adventure.

    12:00 - 13:00

  • 03. Blue Cave

    Focal point of the tour is Blue cave, also known as Blue grotto, located on island Biševo. After you buy your ticket the only way to visit Blue Cave is with the guide in a smaller boat. Its limestone walls are colored in aquamarine blue light due to sun reflection will surely leave you breathless and you will understand better why it is under UNESCO's protection.Swimming is not allowed but you can take pictures to capture the moment. During peak season entrance queue can be big so you will have to arm yourself with patience, but it's totally worth it! Please have in mind that both entrance and the duration of stay in the cave is under Blue cave management.

    13:30 - 14:00

  • 04. Palmižana bay

    There is one more stop before the end of the tour and that is Palmižana, most popular relaxation oasis on Pakleni islands. There you will find some of the Hvar best restaurants where you can try tasty local food made with fresh produce . After that drink a cocktail or two and rest on the beach after a long day on the boat. Enjoy your ride back to the town while passing trough a maze of small islands.

    15:30 - 18:00

What is extra?
Ticket to Green cave (50-70 kn depending on season)
Ticket to Blue cave (70-100 kn) depending on season)

Price: from 50€ per person